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Committed to Social and Environmental Justice


Ronnell Hampton
Founder & Strategic Director

In 2018, Ronnell founded Growing Greatness Now Policy & Urban Design Consulting. Over four years, it has grown from a one-person operation to a team of ten staff and interns. Since starting, Growing Greatness Now has completed 15+ Urban Beautification Projects, 24+ DEIJ & Conflict Management Training, and over $16 Billion in State legislative advocacy wins for Child Support, Criminal Justice Fines & Fees. Growing Greatness Now's advocacy in state legislation, addresses extractive wealth practices targeting economically disadvantaged communities throughout the state of California. Moreover, their urban design consulting is achieving a more equitable and inclusive built environment.


About Us


The Mission

Growing Greatness Now is a policy & urban design consulting firm responds to social & environmental demand for equity through our client projects, programs, and service delivery.


The Objective

Growing Greatness Now supports small to midsize organizations, corporations, and municipalities in operationalizing racial equity by providing Policy & Urban Design consultation, and Conflict Management & DEIJ training.


Our Aims

Our aim is to coordinate community centered, strategic planning, multi-stakeholder engagement, and alignment with policy and urban design initiatives that result in improved measurable outcomes for historically underserved and underrepresented communities and the environment.

Our Approach


Facilitate-alignment through research of stakeholders, data, and language mitigation.


Authority-Identify authority through policy windows and
existing systems.


Accountability-Monitor accountability through data informed narrative- based evaluations of impacted demographics.


Action-Develop actionable
strategic plans through

community-centered multi- stakeholder engagement.

 Growing Greatness Now's 4 years of Impact

20 + Community Beautification, Green Space Reclamation Projects.

Administrative Processing Consultation

  • LA Street Art, Arts Bridging the Gap

Project Co-sponsorships

  • Long Beach Green Space Reclamation, LA Puente

  • Compton Mural Project, LA Puente


20 + Featured Events and Lectures


Over $16 Billion in Economic Justice Policy Wins

Current Initiatives

  • AB 2325- Carillo

  • AB 2338- Weber

Policy Wins

  • Achieved a full pass through for Child support DPSS payments to families!


World Class Social & Environmental Justice Trainings.

Diversity Trainings

  • Antioch University, Los Angeles

  • CSU Dominguez Hills

  • CSU Monterey Bay


  • Los Angeles Police Department

Environmental Justice Training

  • Black Workers Center Ready 2 Work Program

  • Arts Bridging the Gap

  • NBCUniversal

Policy Consultation

  • Children's Defense Fund

  • California Debt Justice Coalition

  • Asset Funders Network

  • ACLU

  • California Asset Building Coalition



Georgia Van Cuylenburg, Founder of Arts Bridging the Gap

"Working with Ronnell and Growing Greatness has been a wonderful experience for me and my whole team. I am so grateful for his incredible communication, accountability, and ability to deliver on everything he set forth to do with and for us. Ronnell has gone above and beyond with site visit and follow-ups that I hadn't even expected of him. He also does everything with a smile and a sense of fun that was the perfect fit for our team. I am constantly amazed by his passion for and commitment to perfection with all paperwork, permits and red tape. I feel everyone needs a Ronnell in their life!"

CPP Design Student, Racial Equity and Inclusion in Design Lecture

"Great lecture! I love how you connected everything together on all the issues following the discrimination and inequality in the country we face. & how we can contribute to making it better place through design. Always knew the politics and social pressure from the corrupt system but never connected how much our designs can make such a positive impact. You’re a great speaker and I aspire to be as such!" 

CPP Design Student, Racial Equity and Inclusion in Design Lecture

"Always loved the aspect of design, but to be able to design the change we wish to see in the world seems so fulfilling. 🙏🏽 definitely taking a lot from this weeks virtual trip! thanks again! You’re doing great things!" 

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